Rebuilding Self Esteem And Well Being

What We Do

Apto Initiatives provides exceptional enrichment, advisory, training and leadership development opportunities to youth in London boroughs and beyond. We offer youth an opportunity to create and mould their own unique experiences through our wide range of mentoring and training activities. We see the true power that our youth hold, and we have made it our mission to transform them into natural-born leaders, ready to take on the world. We engage and signpost young people requiring more targeted support. We provide opportunities for young people to use and build confidence in their skills. We support young people to succeed in education, stay safe, stay healthy, play a positive role in their communities and make informed life choices.

Our Partners, Funders and Supporters

Apto Initiatives would not be able to achieve the fantastic results that we do each year if it wasn’t for the support from our funders. We have run two different projects with the aim of helping BAME youths, disadvantaged young people, and their families in London.